Las Vegas, USA, January 31, 2024, — FRESOR, a leading vaping technology platform, has unveiled FRESOR NOVA Technology and its latest creation, FRESOR N10000, for the first time at the TPE in Las Vegas. This event marked the global debut of the first big-capacity transparent disposable vape, rapidly drawing widespread attention and earning unanimous praise from clients and attendees.

Prior to this, consumers of large disposable vape devices have faced uncertainty about the remaining e-liquid levels, detracting from the overall satisfaction of their vaping experience. FRESOR’s innovation introduces a transparent e-liquid tank that provides users with a clear view of the 12ml liquid volume, addressing this longstanding pain point and transforming the vaping landscape.

World’s First Visible Big-Capacity Disposable

  1. Seeing is believing: The large visual e-liquid window allows users to see the actual 12ml of e-liquid and easily monitor the remaining e-liquid level at a glance.
  2. Zero Waste, More Puffs: Powered by Fresor Nova technology, the smaller flat mesh coil ensures full atomization of e-liquid, resulting in zero residue waste and a remarkable 42% increase in puff counts.
  3. Pure Taste Till the Last Puff: Natural cotton material guarantees a pure and smooth vaping experience, with an automated manufacturing process ensuring consistency and high-quality standards.

FRESOR NOVA Technology

Originally designed for small volume products, FRESOR NOVA technology has been significantly upgraded, expanding capacity from 2ml to 12ml and even 15ml. This breakthrough ensures that big volume devices can now have the unique selling point of crystal e-liquid tank, solving the user’s anxiety for the remaining e-liquid, while also delivering a visually enhanced consumer’s vaping experience.

In addition to the introduction of FRESOR NOVA technology and the groundbreaking FRESOR N10000, FRESOR has presented FRESOR MAX family of products, including the FRESOR MAX B12000—the world’s first vertical wireless charging vape, and the FRESOR MAX B11000, featuring a boost mode for enhanced vaping performance.

At the launch event, Technical Director, Kevin, emphasized FRESOR’s strong commitment to technological breakthroughs and innovation. He stated that the company is dedicated to continuously addressing consumer pain points and providing cutting-edge technological solutions to enhance the user vaping experience.

Born in 2022 as the leading vaping technology platform of ALD Group Limited, FRESOR currently offers two vaping solutions: FRESOR Nova and FRESOR Max.


电子雾化与HNB产品都是新型电子产品,结构虽小,却融合应用多种材料、表面处理、芯片电子等技术工艺,而且雾化技术一直在不断更迭,供应链在逐步完善,为了促进供应链企业间有一个良好的对接交流,艾邦搭建产业微信群交流平台,欢迎加入;Vape e-cigarettes (VAPE) and Heat-Not-Burn e-cigarettes (HNB) are both emerging electronic products. Despite their compact size, they integrate various materials, surface treatment technologies, chip electronics, and other advanced technical processes. Moreover, atomization technology is constantly evolving and the supply chain is being progressively perfected. To facilitate good communication and networking among supply chain enterprises, Aibang has established an industry WeChat group communication platform and warmly welcomes interested enterprises to join.

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