FEELM, the world's leading vape solution provider, announced the launch of the world's first burst power ceramic coil vape solution – FEELM TURBO.

FEELM TURBO:burst power ceramic coil vape solution




Compared to other high powered vapes, products equipped with FEELM TURBO have smaller sizes yet delivers even higher burst of vapor. This technology is also perfectly adapted to the two major vape categories, the disposables and the pod-system, suitable for customers to create differentiated products to seize the market.

Full Blast in 0.5 Sec: Enjoy the Best in Every Puff

What is the good quality of high burst power? In FEELM's view, it must offer three key elements: a short time to full burst, significant vapor volume, and a powerful, impactful impression that resonates with the users.

FEELM, a leader in ceramic coil technology, has dedicated their expertise to developing a dedicated burst power ceramic coil solution. Despite its small size, this technological marvel can deliver a staggering 200% improvement in taste intensity. It efficiently atomizes large molecules while enhancing e-liquid aroma recover, resulting in a richer and more satisfying hit. With a burst time of just 0.5 seconds, it outperforms mainstream products on the market by strides. One of the burst power ceramic coil performs more than on par with dual MESH coils.

At this year's TPE exhibition, FEELM showcased an ultra-thin burst power disposable product featuring this innovative solution. With a body thickness of only 14mm, the product impressed consumers with its elegant thinness, excellent feel, and powerful first puff. It truly lives up to its name: "thin yet powerful!"

The FEELM TURBO solution, powered by this groundbreaking coil, marks another breakthrough for FEELM. This highly efficient atomization technology delivers significantly more vapor at lower power setting. Compared to dual MESH products on the market FEELM TURBO sees an 80% increase in performance, offering a richer flavor experience.

Furthermore, FEELM TURBO boasts the constant power engine technology, which ensures consistent flavor and vapor volume through the product's lifespan. Users can enjoy the same satisfying taste with every puff, unlike mainstream products where flavor often fade to bland. Compared to the competitors, FEELM TURBO products demonstrate a 35% improvement in flavor consistency and a remarkable 95% consistency in the vapor volume.

Forget the Chemical Fiber, Reach New Heights

Compared to chemically treated cotton-based coils, ceramic coils have a significant advantage in terms of puff count. This is because cotton fibers naturally absorb and eat up e-liquid, while ceramic pores can firmly lock in e-liquid to fully vaporize, greatly improving vaporization efficiency.

In 2022, FEELM launched the world's first ceramic coil disposable solution, FEELM Max. It achieved a major breakthrough in terms of puff count, a great importance for the TPD market. With the same 2mL of e-liquid, products equipped with FEELM Max can increase the puff count by at least 30% compared to other cotton-based products. A market that had once hit the ceiling of 600 puffs was then able to breakthrough to 800 puffs, and was well on its way to the target of 1,000 puffs.

FEELM TURBO brings with it the distinctive advantage of ceramic coils. In TURBO the e-liquid utilization reaches 98%, continuing to increase puff count. Where cotton-based products can reach 15,000 puffs, the same amount of e-liquid in products of FEELM TURBO solution can reach more than 18,000 puffs.

The FEELM TURBO is perfectly suitable for pod-system vapes to reach 15,000 puffs per pod. In addition, the solution utilizes maze leak-proof technology, isolating the e-liquid to solve leakage. A problem that has been with the industry since the beginning.

Lastly, this solution is able to support multiple modes of use. Those that like to experience an intense burst power vapor can choose the 'Burst' mode. Those that like to experience a more general smoother vapor can choose the 'Smooth" mode. Giving the options for consumers to switch at will and experience whatever their mood says.


电子雾化与HNB产品都是新型电子产品,结构虽小,却融合应用多种材料、表面处理、芯片电子等技术工艺,而且雾化技术一直在不断更迭,供应链在逐步完善,为了促进供应链企业间有一个良好的对接交流,艾邦搭建产业微信群交流平台,欢迎加入;Vape e-cigarettes (VAPE) and Heat-Not-Burn e-cigarettes (HNB) are both emerging electronic products. Despite their compact size, they integrate various materials, surface treatment technologies, chip electronics, and other advanced technical processes. Moreover, atomization technology is constantly evolving and the supply chain is being progressively perfected. To facilitate good communication and networking among supply chain enterprises, Aibang has established an industry WeChat group communication platform and warmly welcomes interested enterprises to join.

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