Aspire proudly introduces the revolutionary G-Mesh technology, the industry’s first innovative ultra-fast-saturation glass coil that seamlessly integrates SiO₂ and meshed coil technology. Built on a decade of innovation DNA, Aspire’s dedication to G-Mesh coils ensures uniform heating, durability, and an authentic flavour experience. As an advanced technology beyond traditional cotton and ceramic coils, this marks a significant milestone in vaping innovation as Aspire reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge vape products to its discerning clientele.

As is well known, traditional cotton and ceramic coils have their strengths, they also come with limitations. But now, with G-Mesh, those limitations are a thing of the past. Our G-Mesh coils seamlessly integrate the best of both worlds, offering unparalleled performance and flavour. Experience vaping like never before and redefine your coil technology with G-Mesh.


Experience a 35% improvement in aerosol particle fineness, achieving a smooth vaping experience and pure taste from start to finish

The G-Mesh technology, with pore sizes of only 0.32 μm, significantly reducing impurity residues between particles and improving aerosol particle fineness by 35%. It offers ample sweetness, a distinct segmented texture, and high fidelity in flavour reproduction, delivering smooth vaping experience and pure taste.


70 % more puffs, more enjoyment

The e-liquid utilization rate is high. Compared to e-liquids of the same capacity on the market, G-Mesh products offer 70% more puffs, making them more durable and cost-effective.


5 times longer coil lifespan

Compared to other coils on the market, G-Mesh coils boast a lifespan that is five times longer than other coils on the market, ensuring greater durability and convenience.

Enjoy uninterrupted vaping pleasure with G-Mesh coils.


World’s thinnest coil, 8 times ultra-fast saturation

Experience an ultra-fast e-liquid saturation rate as G-Mesh significantly accelerates coil saturation, reducing waiting time after filling. Say goodbye to long waits—indulge in your vape instantly.


40% higher e-liquid compatibility with G-Mesh, featuring high resistance to e-liquid acidity and alkalinity for worry-free storage

G-Mesh offers 40% higher e-liquid compatibility, making it easier to find the perfect e-liquid on the market. Meanwhile, the material of the G-Mesh is less susceptible to erosion by acidic and alkaline components in the e-liquid, ensuring safer and worry-free transportation and storage.

By adopting G-mesh technology, Aspire users can expect superior performance, longevity, and satisfaction with every puff, solidifying the brand’s reputation as an industry frontrunner.

G-Mesh technology has already been integrated into Aspire’s product line. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.


电子雾化与HNB产品都是新型电子产品,结构虽小,却融合应用多种材料、表面处理、芯片电子等技术工艺,而且雾化技术一直在不断更迭,供应链在逐步完善,为了促进供应链企业间有一个良好的对接交流,艾邦搭建产业微信群交流平台,欢迎加入;Vape e-cigarettes (VAPE) and Heat-Not-Burn e-cigarettes (HNB) are both emerging electronic products. Despite their compact size, they integrate various materials, surface treatment technologies, chip electronics, and other advanced technical processes. Moreover, atomization technology is constantly evolving and the supply chain is being progressively perfected. To facilitate good communication and networking among supply chain enterprises, Aibang has established an industry WeChat group communication platform and warmly welcomes interested enterprises to join.

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