​Every few years, a new technology appears and rocks the vaping industryto its core – and recently, the biggest technology in the vaping industryhas undoubtedly been the mesh vape coil. Whether you’re shopping for anew vape tank or just reading reviews of the latest vape gear, there’sno escaping the fact that you’re going to see mesh coils referenced constantlyonline. So, what are mesh coils, and what are their benefits? Should yournext vape tank or pod system have a mesh coil?

If you’re looking for a short answer, we love mesh coils here at Innokinand are using them in most of our latest vape tanks. Mesh coils are absolutely perfect for almost every vaping scenario,and we’re certain that you’re going to love owning a mesh coil tank. Ifyou’re looking for a bit more detail than that, though, we’ve got you covered.Read on to become a mesh vape coil expert!

What Are Mesh Coils?

To understand what a mesh coil is, it’s important to have a basic understandingof how traditional vape coils work. Before mesh coils were developed, allvape coils worked in essentially the same way. In a traditional vape coil,the component that vaporized the e-liquid was a heating wire that was woundinto a spiral shape. People used the term “atomizer coil” because the heatingwire actually was a coil.

Mesh coils are different because they’re not made from wires at all. Instead,a mesh coil uses a mesh strip that looks a bit like a window screen. Thestrip is usually wound into a tight cylinder and installed vertically toprovide for smooth airflow. In some cases, a high-end mesh vape coil mayuse multiple mesh strips working in tandem to provide for greater vaporproduction. That’s the only difference between a mesh coil and a traditionalvape coil: The heating surface is made from a strip of mesh rather thana length of twisted wire.

The difference for you as a user, though, is likely to be quite profound.

What Are Mesh Coils

Why Were Mesh Vape Coils Invented?

Mesh coils were invented because traditional vape coils had reached apoint at which they could no longer improve in performance without causingserious drawbacks. People who buy high-end vape tanks want huge vapor cloudsand bold flavors, and the way to make a vape coil that delivers those thingsis by increasing the coil’s surface area. With traditional vape coils,you can increase the surface area by using larger wire gauges and by addingadditional wires. The industry had reached a point, though, where the bestvape coils required around 100 watts of power to operate efficiently anddidn’t deliver a great experience because they tended to pop loudly orspit e-liquid into the mouth during use. It was clear that a completelydifferent type of vape coil was going to be necessary in order to keepthe cloud chasers of the world happy. The mesh coil turned out to be thetechnological revolution that the vaping industry needed.

Vape Coils

 What Are the Benefits of Mesh Coils?

Compared to traditional vape coils, mesh coils have two important benefits.They offer better wick-to-wire contact, and they offer a greater surface area for the mass. Let’s examine how those two benefits affect your vaping experience inpractice.

●Compared to a traditional wound vape coil, a mesh coil has a much flatterprofile. That allows it to make firm and even contact with the wick, leavingno areas where e-liquid can condense and form pools. Mesh coils are nearlysilent during operation and do not tend to pop or spit as traditional vapecoils sometimes can. Because mesh coils heat so evenly, they also oftenlast longer than traditional coils.

●A mesh coil has a high surface area – which is exactly what you want forcloud production – but it’s also extremely thin and light. The low massallows a mesh coil to produce huge vapor clouds despite having very reasonablewattage requirements. Using a mesh coil tank makes it possible for a single-batteryvape mod to have the same vapor production that would have previously requireda dual-battery mod. Switching to a tank with a mesh coil will also usuallyimprove your mod’s battery life.

What Are the Benefits of Mesh Coils

 Do Mesh Coils Have Any Drawbacks?

Most people who try mesh vape coils are going to find that they’re unquestionablybetter than traditional coils and that they effectively render the oldstyle of coils obsolete. There are two potential reasons, though, why somevapers may continue to prefer traditional vape coils.

●A mesh coil produces vapor with very small and consistent droplet size,so the vapor will feel somewhat “dry” in your mouth compared to the vaporproduced by a high-end traditional coil. If you enjoy vapor with largerdroplet size and a “wetter” character, you may prefer traditional woundvape coils

●Because mesh coils produce such large vapor clouds, you may find the experienceoverwhelming if you use a mesh coil with an e-liquid that has a very highnicotine strength. You can counteract that effect by using a lower-nicotinee-liquid – but if you’re happy with the higher strength you’re currentlyusing, a mesh coil may not be right for you.


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