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As global environmental consciousness continues to strengthen, many companies are focusing on researching and developing eco-friendly products. Meanwhile, consumers are progressively adopting green and healthy lifestyles and choosing green devices. Nowadays, sustainable development is not only the goal of the world but also one of the critical development directions of e-cigarettes.

HQD, as a top e-cigarette company and brand in the world, keeps taking the lead in the industry. We strictly adhere to e-cigarette regulations, develop eco-friendly products, and promote the long-lasting development of the industry; we focus on fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, such as abiding by global agreements and establishing social responsibility management systems; we are committed to maintaining honest and trustworthy relationships with customers, employees, and partners while contributing to society and the environment. We have introduced many environmental solutions for disposable vapes to create a safer and healthier experience and a thriving green future.

In late November, HQD teams participated in the Vaping Expo Padova in Italy. This event stands out as the largest and most esteemed vaping exhibition in the country, drawing renowned brands from across the globe, along with a multitude of vape lovers, distributors, manufacturers, and guests. Of course, the presence of Padova, one of Italy's beloved cities, added an extra layer of allure to the exhibition. One can easily envision the live atmosphere filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

During the exhibition, HQD first introduced the groundbreaking green-oriented ECO BAR and ECO BOX, both made of green materials and entirely recyclable and hand-detachable——the first eco-friendly solution on the market to the wasteful use of resources and pollution issues from disposable vapes. The two devices captured significant attention at the exhibition due to their modular structures for rapid disassembly and installation, biodegradable PLA materials, and innovative designs like cordless welding.

The ECO series is centered around the fundamental concept of safeguarding the Earth's ecological environment. While retaining the convenience of disposable devices, it goes a step further by enhancing environmental attributes. This new series offers an exceptional solution to the environmental pollution and recycling challenges posed by traditional disposable vapes.

The modular design allows users to effortlessly disassemble products' parts without the need for any tools and facilitates self-classification for recycling purposes. The biodegradable PLA crust ensures safety and effectively reduces environmental pollution. Not only does this series achieve innovative advancements in product experience, but it also meets consumers' demand for practical and eco-friendly e-cigarettes.

Furthermore, these products based on the philosophy of environmental protection also made a stunning impression, such as CLICK and CIRAK with pod systems and NOOK with removable battery designs. They further achieve the goals of recyclability and reuse with a longer lifespan and fewer replacements. We aspire to create a win-win situation between users' safety and health and environmental protection.

Certainly, other well-received products, including 600, EOS, and more,  garnered acclaim from local exhibitors and guests as well due to their compact and portable designs and impressive performance, achieving new collaborations with clients.

HQD, themed on environmental protection in the exhibition, successively showcased many disposable vapes with eco-friendly designs and biodegradable materials. This is because HQD stays committed to creating high-end products and in turn, redefining users' life with them. Our final goal is to lead consumers to a green lifestyle and consumption and to build a healthier and happier vaping world.

HQD is always dedicated to creating numerous high-quality new products and healthier and safer experiences for global consumers. We incorporate environmental protection principles into our operations by continuously upgrading production methods, conducting research on atomization technology, and innovating material applications. With wholehearted dedication, HQD strives to foster the industry's long-term and sustainable development.

随着环保意识的增强,企业和消费者关注环保产品。HQD作为电子雾化行业领军品牌,致力于环保研发,推动可持续发展。在意大利展会上,HQD推出具有环保意义的ECO BAR和ECO BOX,首个整机采用环保材质,可拆解回收,解决一次性雾化产品环境污染问题。这一系列产品采用模块化设计,自然降解材质,吸引了关注。HQD的环保概念贯穿多款电子雾化设备,强调绿色生活方式。公司不仅提供健康产品,还积极实践环保理念,推动行业长期健康发展。







在本次意大利展会上,HQD全新推出具有开创性环保意义的ECO BAR和ECO BOX!这是市场上首个整机采用高品质环保材质且徒手可拆解回收的一次性绿色解决方案,自然选材,安全无害,实现资源循环利用,告别环境污染问题!








同样,600, EOS等一直以来备受消费者喜爱的产品也凭借其便捷小巧、性能强大的突出优势得到了许多当地展商的认可和称赞,促成多项客户合作。




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电子雾化与HNB产品都是新型电子产品,结构虽小,却融合应用多种材料、表面处理、芯片电子等技术工艺,而且雾化技术一直在不断更迭,供应链在逐步完善,为了促进供应链企业间有一个良好的对接交流,艾邦搭建产业微信群交流平台,欢迎加入;Vape e-cigarettes (VAPE) and Heat-Not-Burn e-cigarettes (HNB) are both emerging electronic products. Despite their compact size, they integrate various materials, surface treatment technologies, chip electronics, and other advanced technical processes. Moreover, atomization technology is constantly evolving and the supply chain is being progressively perfected. To facilitate good communication and networking among supply chain enterprises, Aibang has established an industry WeChat group communication platform and warmly welcomes interested enterprises to join.

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