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加热不燃烧电子烟(Heated Not Burn, HNB)是一种新型的烟草产品,与传统的燃烧型香烟相比,HNB 设备通过加热烟草而不是燃烧烟草来产生烟雾。HNB 设备通常会控制加热温度在烟草燃点以下,这样可以释放出烟草中的尼古丁和其他风味物质,同时减少焦油和其他有害化合物的产生。Heated Not Burn (HNB) e-cigarettes are a new type of tobacco product. Compared to traditional combustion cigarettes, HNB devices generate smoke by heating tobacco instead of burning it. Typically, HNB devices control the heating temperature below the combustion point of tobacco, which can release nicotine and other flavor substances contained in the tobacco, while reducing the production of tar and other harmful compounds.