​Technology and innovation have a huge role in society, certainly within the vaping industry. From the first vaping device to the extensive range available nowadays, this is undeniable. Vapers can choose between an array of products on the market, with features, functions, and flavours for everyone. The evolution of vaping over the last 17 years has been impressive, but where did it all begin?

The First Modern E-Cigarette

Originating in China, pharmacist Hon Lik created the first modern vape. In honour of his late father, a heavy smoker who died from lung cancer, the modern e-cigarette was born. Lik’s invention started a movement. Despite this, the heavy, inconvenient vapes, with limited battery life, created around this time are now a thing of the past. Granted, the premise of vapes remains. Although, the array of E-liquid flavours and stylish, pocket-sized vapes on the market would shock a 2003 vaper.

How Has Vaping Changed?

The original e-cigarette device is incomparable to the range of devices now available. Let’s explore the key additions that have revolutionised the vaping world.

Convenience & Ease of Use

At the forefront, manufacturers within this industry have prioritised creating an improved user experience. Key components of user experience are convenience and ease-of-use. Accordingly, manufacturers have progressed technology significantly to improve these aspects. Shrinking to fit perfectly into your pocket, with battery power that lasts all day long, vapes of today can be used without stress. The introduction of mesh coils limits wastage, while also increasing the lifespan of vaping devices. A true advancement for the environmentally conscious. Other notable features include the ability to change mouthpieces and improved heating speeds.


Vape technology has become so advanced that vapers are now able to alter their own vaping device based on their own desired experience. Vape mods, such as the Voopoo Argus Pro Pod Kit, have a digital display which allows users to control the device wattage. In addition to this, the chip technology also means that temperature and the quantity of vapour and flavour are also adjustable. The customisation does end here. With the addition of countless customisable skins and E-liquid flavours of every flavour vaping is a truly personal affair.

Replicating Smoking Sensation

For those who are using vaping as a method to quit smoking, replicating the experience of smoking is psychologically beneficial. Therefore, vapes such as the Quawins Vstick Pro Pro Kit have the addition of filters to perfectly replicate the mouthfeel of conventional cigarettes.


Can Vaping Technology Get Any Better?

So, we’ve established that vaping technology has progressed massively. There is no surprise that the vape industry is set to evolve further, as nowadays technological advancements lead to constant innovation and growth. What do we have to look forward to?

Bluetooth Connection

As vaping devices shrink in size, the more likely they are to accidentally fall down the side of the sofa or get lost in one of your many pockets. Soon this won’t be a problem. With the introduction of Bluetooth, vape devices will connect to your phone or smartwatch and never be lost again. The opportunities of Bluetooth connection aren’t just limited to this. Vape to phone connection could allow for vapers to track their nicotine intake. Cool, right?

Improved Power & Longevity

Leaps and bounds that have already been made in this industry. Despite this, manufacturers are eager to make their devices last longer and be more powerful. As the options grow, ultimate performance, reliability and longevity are the key attributes vapers prioritise. Consequently, devices that do not offer this are unlikely to impress. For this reason, advanced power-saving batteries and processors with increased complexity are likely to play a key role in the future.

Even Better User Experience

The importance of user experience remains important as we look into the future. The vape industry is likely to continue innovating to grab the attention of vapers. For instance, this could involve creating E-liquids with even more intense flavour. Not to mention, devices that offer even further customisation. As vaping popularity grows, the monetary power of the industry continues to grow. Therefore, this facilitates more research and development into vaping technology. The future of vaping is set to be full of innovation and surprises!


电子雾化与HNB产品都是新型电子产品,结构虽小,却融合应用多种材料、表面处理、芯片电子等技术工艺,而且雾化技术一直在不断更迭,供应链在逐步完善,为了促进供应链企业间有一个良好的对接交流,艾邦搭建产业微信群交流平台,欢迎加入;Vape e-cigarettes (VAPE) and Heat-Not-Burn e-cigarettes (HNB) are both emerging electronic products. Despite their compact size, they integrate various materials, surface treatment technologies, chip electronics, and other advanced technical processes. Moreover, atomization technology is constantly evolving and the supply chain is being progressively perfected. To facilitate good communication and networking among supply chain enterprises, Aibang has established an industry WeChat group communication platform and warmly welcomes interested enterprises to join.

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