Say Goodbye to Boring! LOOKAH's Stunning Spring New Arrivals Hit the Market


LOOKAH's spring series has captured attention with its revolutionary approach to dabbing. These products are poised to transform the traditional dabbing experience, offering users something entirely new and exciting.


Design manager Peter explained, "Our recent polling has shown that today's dabbing world is heavily homogenized. Customers are tired of the same copy-and-paste product designs on the market."


LOOKAH's new spring products have gained insight into the consumer's heart. The six newly released devices offer a unique design. These products are not just another addition to the market but a revolution in the dabbing experience.



The Ant wax pen is perfect for on-the-go sessions, with a magnetic snap cap, silicon mouthpiece, and rugged metal body. Plus, built-in alerts ensure safe operation with low power, high temperature, short circuit, and open circuit notifications.


The Dinosaur is a powerful electric dab rig with a unique spiked design on the bubbler, which has a curved mouthpiece to prevent splashback. It has a clear power level display and ambient light function. It comes with two LOOKAH 710 type D coils. This Dinosaur fits the same as the Unicorn and Seahorse Max bubblers. This lets you swap the glass between the different devices, bringing further customization.


The Guitar is a 510 thread vape battery with a transparent panel and metal material. It is suitable for cartridges of different capacities. It is small, convenient, and perfect for party-goers and collectors.


The Whale is an electric nectar collector with a beautiful whale-inspired shell. It has a straight airway for easy cleaning. Designed to get more from wax concentrates, this electric nectar collector has three preset voltages.


It also has a power visualization feature to show how much battery charge remains.


The Seahorse King is an upgraded version of the Seahorse Pro Plus, a small but powerful electric nectar collector. It has a glass tube coil with a quartz plate, letting users observe the vapor flow. A porous quartz core ensures excellent taste and a straight airway design makes it easy to clean.


Finally, the Seahorse Queen is a desktop electric nectar collector. Its base is made of metal, and its unique curved design mimics the shape of a seahorse while conforming to the principle of ergonomic grip. The glass bubbler facilitates smooth dabbing, an electronic screen shows the power level and provides ambient light features, and a porous quartz core guarantees excellent flavor.


About LOOKAH: LOOKAH is a pioneering force in the extract vape industry, relentlessly pursuing excellence in quality, convenience, and affordability. Our mission is to provide consumers with the finest experience when enjoying cannabis extracts.





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