Geek Bar Pulse X: World's First 3D Curved Screen E-cigarette


Geek Bar Pulse X,World's First 3D Curved Screen. The 3D curved screen is absolutely a major milestone in the history of vapes innovation.



Light Up the Sky with Star UI


With brighter lights and more advanced controls, PULSE X delivers a starry screen.The dots of light accompany you throughout vaping time.


PULSE Power, Super Boost


Not only the taste duration in regular mode is extended, but also the explosiveness of PULSE mode is significantly improved.


AI Power Adjustment


We discovered the optimal balance of airflow and power. So you can enjoy an unparalleled user experience, with easy one-click adjustment.


Quick Charge


Achieve all-day power with our high-current quick charging technology. In just 20 minutes, your device will reach 80% battery capacity.


High-comfort, Bite-friendly Mouthpiece


The mouthpiece features a transparent shell design and uses moderate hardness materials.

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作者 xie, yao